3MP Atlanta is a leader in outsourced customer acquisition for Fortune 500 companies. We are dedicated to establishing better channels of marketing communications between our clients and their customers. With our proven go-to-market strategies, we drastically increase the ROI of our clients marketing campaignsDue to our high standards and amazing track record, 3MP Atlanta was selected by its client to become the training model for new partners.

3MP Atlanta Training team
Training team from Ohio visits 3MP Atlanta to get top of the industry insight.

3MP Atlanta has a well established record of performance and clear process of operating and training, so it was no surprise that back in April we became the clients’ training model.

“I feel we were selected to be the training [model] because our team and style is very simple and ridiculously systematic. It would be very similar to the San Antonio Spurs approach to basketball. Fundamentally sound across-the-board, easy to duplicate. That’s how you win championships and build dynasties.

-Michael Palomba, President

With our client’s recognition, 4 different teams trained with 3MP Atlanta. They got insight into the day to day operations, our systematic training program, and got to gain insight on client relations. Each member of the traveling teams got dedicated trainers who they shadowed for the first few days and then after completing a day of their own, they met back up with their trainer for follow up and further training.

The heads of each team were able to personally meet every day with Michael, 3MP Atlanta’s manager and Jennifer Cauvin, our Client Manager. They learned from Michael how to run a successful company and not only meet but how to exceed our clients needs.

The honor to have the client recognize us for not only our hard work but for the excellence that we achieve in our accomplishments is the fuel driving us to realize our 2016 goals. We are excited to help our client expand, knowing that it will help our team develop the skills we need in order to expand further. Keep up to date with 3MP Atlanta by visiting our site and follow us on Facebook. 


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