What is the value of a smile? For most, that answer is, “There is no cost.”  But, for children in under-developed countries whose families cannot afford the surgery to fix a cleft lip or pallet, the cost is much greater. When children in the United States are born with the condition, it’s typically an easy and quick fix.  For children in some of these countries, they don’t typically receive the reparation surgery at birth. This affects their ability to eat and interact socially. Some are shunned and some grow up only knowing their community for fear of travelling. Operation Smile was founded to combat that. They provide surgeries to children and young adults in various parts of the world, making this life changing surgery easily accessible. It is with great honor and excitement that 3MP Atlanta was able to host an event in June to raise money to help cover the costs of these surgeries.

At 3MP Atlanta, a smile is part of our job. We meet and handle client acquisition.  It is vital that our team provides a positive and professional interaction each time. Knowing how important a smile is, we excitedly dove into putting together an Operation Smile field day, which was hosted in Grant Park. We put together a team to plan and organize the event, led by top account manager, Cash Oliver. With his leadership, we were able to put together knockerball, face painting, corn hole, and food for the event.

On the day of the event, we arrived, set up, and started grilling out. There were 50 plus people in attendance and our team also collected donations from other park-goers. Teams were able to play corn hole while food was being grilled. Spectators watched on as knockerball, a sport in which each player straps on an inflatable ball and knocks each other around in a game like soccer, started and had quite a few laughs as the teams entered combat!  Overall, the event was a great place for the community to gather and we were able to fund two complete operations with our efforts.

3MP Atlanta would like to give a special thanks to Cobb Knockerball who aided in our efforts to raise money and to Michael Palomba who purchased food and beveragesfor the event. Want to contribute? Click here.


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