About 3MP Atlanta


3MP Atlanta operates by one phrase: Better life. Better Business.

The marketing and sales firm, which is located in West Midtown, provides a unique opportunity to each member of the team. Those who work with 3MP Atlanta are able to get hands on guidance from management on skills that you can only learn in an environment like the one provided by the firm. Working with the management team, our account managers have structured training focusing on building management skills and team work. Learn more about our team by checking out the careers page.

3MP Atlanta is a leader in outsourced customer acquisition for Fortune 500 companies. The company is dedicated to establishing better channels of marketing communications between our clients and their customers. With our proven go-to-market strategies, we will drastically increase the ROI of our clients marketing campaigns.

The company has been helping Fortune 500 and 100 companies increase their customer base for over a decade. We’re expecting to expand into four more locations within the next fiscal year.

To discover how 3MP Atlanta can increase your customer acquisition while decreasing attrition, schedule a consultation today.