Congratulations Cameron- 3MP Atlanta

Congratulations Cameron- 3MP Atlanta

Better Life. Better Business. That is 3MP Atlanta’s motto. In an effort to give each of our team members an incredible opportunity, we utilize our well-structured training program. By using the processes we have in place, our team members are able to develop life-long skills essential to successful careers.

Cameron Duncan, who earned his promotion to assistant management in July, took full advantage of the opportunity provided to him at 3MP Atlanta.

Duncan, who is an Alpine, AL native who studied Accounting at Tuskegee University, joined the 3MP Atlanta team after finishing his professional baseball career with the Cardinals in mid-2015. He was attracted to the ability to learn new skills and teach others what he had mastered. “This job has taught me how to talk to anyone in any facet of life,” says Duncan. In quickly earning his promotion to Assistant Management, Duncan was able to help oversee the operations side of the business, working with large telecommunication companies and running a larger team than he had previously. Duncan had the opportunity to work side by side with Michael Palomba, executive at 3MP Atlanta, who has extensive experience running successful marketing and sales firms.  With his new training and ability to perform for the client, Duncan was able to earn a market opportunity in Louisville, KY.  In December, he was opened his own location and hand selected his own team to help expand.

3MP Atlanta will perform at the highest level for our clients.  Helping them expand into new markets allows us to do just that.  We are incredibly excited to see where Cameron and his team take the Louisville market in 2017.

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3MP Atlanta visits Tuskegee University

3MP Atlanta visits Tuskegee University

3MP Atlanta, a marketing firm located in West Midtown Atlanta, provides the opportunity for each individual on our team to learn and develop their skills in sales, leadership and management. It is exciting when someone on the 3MP Atlanta team has an invitation to share their knowledge gained from working with our company.  That happened two weeks ago when Tuskegee University extended an invite to Cameron Duncan, Assistant Manager at 3MP Atlanta, and Cash Oliver, a top Account Manager, to speak to students at their Alumni Weekend.

The Alumni weekend hosted by Tuskegee University is a series of events to celebrate and learn from former students of the prestigious school. It was at the school’s Alumni Forum that Cameron and Cash, both alumni of Tuskegee University (class of 2014), had opportunity to speak with students with a question and answer format. It was informal so students felt comfortable asking their insights on topics like obtaining a job after graduation, entrepreneurship, and job hunting in general.

“What I like most about [the event] is seeing how college kids are. They are excited about their future but they are scared about it at the same time. They all want to do something better with their life but are afraid that they won’t get the opportunity. So what they do is settle for something comfortable, going back home, or working a normal job even if they have all this experience. They are scared of branching out, scared of making decisions. So actually giving them the confidence that I was that same way helps. Make a decision, take a risk.”

-Cameron Duncan, Assistant Manager at 3MP Atlanta.


Both Cameron and Cash were excited to have the opportunity to impart advice to students at the University. The team at 3MP Atlanta is proud of them and we are grateful to have them a part of the company’s leadership team.

3MP Atlanta visits Tuskegee University
3MP Atlanta’s Cameron and Cash visited the campus of Tuskegee University for Alumni weekend and to speak to current students for an informal Q&A

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